1. Inventory Of Real Estate In The Phoenix Metro Area Is Up!

    January 26, 2011 by lourie

    At the end of 2010 most banks that had removed properties from the market while their files were reviewed for illicit foreclosure practices, flooded the market with several thousands of properties, adding to an already burgeoning inventory.  So while this maybe good news for investors and buyers seeking a home, the consequences have resulted in a huge slowed down in the processing of these files.  Asset managers and banks are sorely understaffed to handle the barage of offers which could ultimately result in a large number of failed transaction closings.  Especially when buyers need to move quickly, or a delay of over 60 days results in a lower appraisal…

    To avoid being caught up in this unfortunate situation, make sure you allow plenty of time for processing the sale and any financing you are seeking.  Have your lender approve you for an interest rate that is slightly higher then current market rates and check to see if you can lock your interest rate for longer than 45 days without paying additional points, otherwise you make risk having to pay a higher interest rate.

    And by all means, be patient…if you are trying to buy a home that you consider to be a “terrific bargain”, then make sure you allow extra time for negotiations.   Study comparable sales so that you can be fairly certain that the price you are paying will stand up to the scrutiny of a fair market appraisal.  And most importantly…be sure you have competent people working on your behalf…your real estate agent, your loan officer, your home inspectors, and in many states, your legal advisor!

    For current market inventory in the Phoenix Metropolitan area: CLICK HERE

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  2. The Ultimate Live MLS Home Search!

    November 15, 2010 by lourie

    The absolutely best kept secret in using a home search engine is now available in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  How would you like immediate access to real time information on real estate?  Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia…and many other search engines are available, but none of them offer access to real time information.  New listings, price reductions, status changes…as they happen…not days later!  I call it the  Ultimate Live MLS search.  You can search any area in my market area, save special searches, or use mapping features such as “Noisy Neighbor”.  You can access tax records, listing history, and any attached documents. You can see which listings are bank owned, which are short sales…you can set up the search so that you are actually looking at ACTIVE listings…not listings with offers, but still showing active in the “other” search engines…what’s up with that?

    And best of all…you don’t have to pass through the registration process; or give up personal information to access this site…though you will receive information on how to contact me should you so choose, but it’s not a requirement.  It’s my hope that you will share this link with others…it’s a win – win for everyone!  So are you interested…then CLICK HERE

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